Settlers Attack on Burin Followed by Military Incursion

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Dozens of armed settlers attacked the village of Burin near Nablus

PSCC | Oct 2, 2011

Around 5:30 in the afternoon, whilst the youth of Burin were playing football, some 30 to 40 settlers from the adjacent Jewish-only settlement of Bracha, began descending the hill which leads down to Burin. The settlers were armed with M16 rifles and showed clear intent to injure or kill when they began shooting live ammunition spontaneously and indiscriminately into the village.

The water tanks, found on top of every building in Burin, provided the initial targets for the settlers this evening. Fearing an escalation of violence if the settlers where to enter further into the village, a group of villagers gathered and tried fending off the settlers by throwing stones in their direction. The settlers, who found themselves greatly outnumbered, began retreating, only for the army to enter the village and take their place. The soldiers stationed themselves in a house in Burin which was forcefully evacuated last year and declared a permanently closed military zone.

Such attacks are so commonplace in Burin and the surrounding villages of Madama and Assira al-Qibliyah, that one villager has expressed his annoyance that the football match had been interrupted while his team lead 5-3.

Just hours before this attack, large groups of settlers entered the nearby village of Huwarra and began to set fire to olive trees surrounding the village. Over 250 trees were burnt in the arson. When the land owner approached the soldiers to ask them why they had allowed the settlers to burn his trees, they threw a sound bomb and told him to return to his house.

Source & More at the website of Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

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