Two-state solution not practical – Interview with Hani al-Basoos, Prof. of the Islamic University of Gaza

PressTV – Sun Oct 2, 2011 10:16AM GMT
An exclusive interview with Hani al-Basoos, professor of the Islamic University of Gaza

A prominent professor says that the Palestinian people have the full legal right to resist the Israeli occupation in all Palestinian cities.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Hani al-Basoos, professor of the Islamic University of Gaza, adds that a two-state solution is not practical in the occupied land of Palestine.

Press TV Ayatollah Khamenei said that the two-state solution would be trampling on the rights of the Palestinians, and is not a solution at all; your take on it.

Al-Basoos In Palestine, many Palestinians think a two-state solution is a practical solution because they have been fighting the Israeli occupation for many years.

Now, after about 20 years of negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli side, the Palestinian Authority has gotten nothing, and the Palestinian community has achieved nothing. I guess that the final solution is to have Palestine for the Palestinians, and we know that the Palestinian people have to have their own rights back.

The Israeli occupation which existed since 1948 existed on Palestinian land. It existed as an immoral and illegal occupation on Palestinian land. The Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people have been striving for many years to gain their rights back. But nothing has been done and the occupation has been continuous, years after years, with the support of the United States and the European community.

Now, we got to the point to believe that the best way, the best solution for Palestine and for all Palestinians is that we cannot divide Palestine. As the Supreme Leader of Iran said, Palestine is one Palestinian country united.

We cannot have a two-state solution because a two-state solution is not practical anymore. A two-state solution is not even acceptable by the Israeli side.

We have seen Netanyahu, as he stood in front of the General Assembly in New York, what he said was that Israel is a Jewish state and it’s for all Jews. This is a myth, it’s not a fact.

We believe that when looking back on history, looking back on all indications in the past and currently, we feel and believe, 100 percent that Palestine is for all Palestinians, even those who live outside of Palestine.

Press TV Resistance was talked about at this Intifada conference, many of the speakers saying that resistance is the only way at this point in time. I want to know your take on that. Also, in the mainstream media, when Muslims or Palestinians use that word “resistance” or “Jihad,” a very negative sentiment is created. Tell me your take on all of this and what should be done, in your perspective.

Al-Basoos I think what should be done is the Palestinians have the right to resist the occupation. The international community has been trying to change the meaning of resistance.

Palestinian people have the full, legal right to resist the occupation in all Palestinian cities. Some Palestinian factions say there will be severe resistance, while other Palestinian political parties say they can use all available means including the right to use arms, weapons against the occupation, in order to liberate Palestine. And I think it has been accepted by the mainstream Palestinian political factions to use resistance through different means, different ways that this mechanism and method works.

What the Palestinian people have been left with is to resist the occupation after they have used all types of diplomatic methods. Since 1991, up to now, the Palestinian Authority and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) have been negotiating with the Israeli side, with peace agreements, but we have witnessed nothing on the ground. We haven’t seen any Palestinian state materialize on the ground as a physical Palestinian state.

At the same time, the UN has done nothing since 1947 up to now. We have witnessed many resolutions from the Israeli side but none of them have been implemented because the United States stands alongside the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

The only way left for the Palestinian people is to be united; one Palestinian society. All Palestinian factions must be united under the banner that has been adopted today by the Fifth International Conference in Tehran, under one banner that Palestinian land is for all the Palestinians. They have to resist the occupation.


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