UNSC’s duty towards Palestine

Pakistan Observer | Oct 2, 2011 | Dr Abdul Ruff

Establishment of Palestine state, after a prolonged delay by the big powers of the West that support Zionism, fascist Israeli regime and its aggressive policy, is the top most agenda of the UNSC but in order to advance Zionist and US interests in Mideast. The issue is being further delayed obviously by the USA-UK terror twins. The double-speaks being indulged in by the Arab nations by promoting NATO terror operations even financing the genocides of Muslims, are coming a big way in the process of UNSC passing the resolution unanimously. Western diplomats say it could take weeks before the issue comes to vote. The UNSC has received a membership bid from Palestine — an entity that remains occupied by Zionist regime and thus not yet a state, but it has both massive international support, and opposition from the unilateral USA, world’s most powerful dictator nation.

Since direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians stalled in September 2010, Abbas last week urged the UNS council in New York to back a state with pre-1967 borders. Israel reiterated its call for peace talks without preconditions.. The Palestinians walked out in protest over building of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and the Obama regime failed to push the Israeli terrorists to abandon the illegal settlements and further expansion in side Palestine. Israel awaits information from the Israeli lobbyists in Washington on the future course of action. Both at the UN and after his return to Palestine to a cheering crowd, Abbas reiterated his refusal to talk to Israel without a freeze of Jewish settlements.

US veto threat could be as pretentious as its false threat perceptions. The high drama of threat of confrontation has triggered a diplomatic scramble to neutralize the effects of a possible US veto and Obama could avoid stopping Palestinians from making home for themselves through peaceful means. The UNSC can directly decide the membership of Palestine unanimously without having to refer the Palestinian request to another committee or postpone consideration of it, given the threat of an American veto. USA would like to buy time for efforts by international powers to steer the diplomatic focus away from the Palestine full membership application and force Palestinians onto useless peace talks dictated by Israel. The Palestinians are not happy with proposals presented so far, and may use allies on the council to push their genuine humanitarian objective.


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