Haneyya: Reconciliation only choice after peace talks exhausted

[ 03/10/2011 – 09:58 AM ]

GAZA, TEHRAN, (PIC)– Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya said the sole option for the Palestinians is to follow through with the reconciliation deal signed in May as the peace process with Israel has been exhausted.

In a video link from Gaza he spoke at the international conference to support the Palestinian uprising in the Iranian capital Tehran, Haneyya called for launching talks including all Palestinian factions on a strategy that pairs between resistance, politics and diplomacy.

The Palestinian premier also stressed the importance of not conceding any party of the Palestinian territories or the historical rights of the Palestinian people.

“We hold fast to the unity of our people and reconciliation as the only option to stand in the face of the occupation,” Haneyya said.

Haneyya emphasized the importance of incorporating the Arabs and Muslims in the Palestinian cause, saying: “We are on the first line [of defence] and we believe that the liberation of Palestine emerges from full adhesion to Arab, Islamic, and human circles. It is everyone’s cause, and we are not inhibited to build authentic and firm relations with any Arab or Muslim country or to open channels with any one from the world community on the foundation of supporting our cause.”

Haneyya went on to explain that Jerusalem is under a ferocious onslaught that involves Judaization and the displacement of Palestinians.

“We will not concede the inheritance of the (Muslims, i.e. Jerusalem). We have said yes to liberating any part of the Palestinian territory and we have said yes to a fully sovereign Palestinian state on land liberated in Palestine, but without recognizing Israel or conceding an inch of land in Palestine.”

The Palestinian premier reiterated the priority of the issue of Palestinian captives in the Israeli prisons, vowing not to forsake them and to use all means to see their release, “because we cannot accept the continuance of such injustice to our leaders and heroes”, according to his speech


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