Resheq: Hamas making frequent contact in follow up of reconciliation

[ 03/10/2011 – 12:23 PM ]

TEHRAN, (PIC)– Hamas senior politburo member Izzat al-Resheq confirmed that his party is still making frequent contact with Fatah in the framework of implementing the reconciliation deal.

Resheq blamed Fatah for the delay, saying that it was holding off such terms as who would assume the prime ministry until after the request for statehood at the UN.

Resheq told our correspondent in Tehran that Hamas does not want agreements that only amount to “ink on paper”, but rather wants “real agreements that are translated on the ground and unite the Palestinian people in the face of the Zionist threats.”

He called for materializing issues that have already been agreed upon, such as forming a unity government to manage the next phase of transition. But he called on Fatah not to cling to any specific options, in a reference to the Fatah’s botching of the last round of talks by not compromising on Salam Fayyad for the prime ministry.

In comments on the Arab Spring’s effects on the Palestinian cause, Resheq said that the Palestinian issue involves all Muslims and not only the Palestinians, highlighting positive developments that have taken place in Egypt and Tunisia.

The senior Hamas official added that the former Egyptian regime was an ally of Israel against the Palestinians.

Switching over to the Rafah border crossing, Resheq said that the situation has slightly improved after the ouster of the former Egyptian regime and called for the permanent opening of the border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt and an end to the siege on Gaza.


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