Palestinians warn of “kristallnacht” following settler torching of mosque

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From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine | PIC | Oct 4, 2011

Palestinian leaders on both sides of the Green Line have warned against rising mass terror by Jewish religious fanatics against Muslim holy places.

The warnings came hours after suspected Jewish terrorists torched a mosque at the village of Tuba Zangariya in the Upper Galilee .

Eyewitnesses reported that around 1:00 o’clock a.m. (after midnight Sunday), suspected Jewish terrorists stormed the main mosque at the village, and set it on fire, apparently using an inflammable substance. The entire interior of the mosque went up in flames, causing heavy damage.

Quranic texts and other religious books were burned.

Before leaving, the perpetrators scrawled racist anti-Islam graffiti on the walls.

Ahmed Teibi, an Arab lawmaker in the Israeli Knesset, described the burning of the mosque as “a clear cut terrorist act.”

“This is not an isolated incident, this is not an aberration, it is not thunder on a clear day. This is a natural outcome of the systematic incitement against the Arab community. The poisoned incitement against our community by many rabbis and the Nazi-like edicts issued by some rabbinic councils, which forbid Jews from renting homes and apartments to Arabs have finally produced this.

“This grave deterioration must be stopped immediately. We hold the government of Israel solely responsible. We are talking about a racist, fascist and extremist government whose policies and practices have made this crime inevitable.

“Why is it that the racist rabbi of Safad has not been arrested? Why is it that not a single Jewish terrorist responsible for mosque torching has been arrested.”

Teibi added that the best response to the terrorist act was rehabilitating the mosque as soon as possible and exercising a measure of self-restraint.

“This is the most appropriate response to these racists and fascists.”

Ahmed Kana’an, an academic from the town of Taiba across the Green Line, described the frequency of attacks on mosques in both in the West Bank and in Israel as a reminder of the Kristallnacht.

“It is true that the scope and magnitude are not the same in both cases. However, we must recognize that the racism, the fascist spirit, the malicious intent, the murderous and criminal zeal as well as the connivance of the government are the same.”

Kana’an argued that the Israeli authorities were doing next to nothing to stem the tide of Jewish fascism in occupied Palestine.

“To the world they claim they are outraged by such acts and that they won’t rest until they catch the perpetrators, But in reality, they assure the perpetrators not to worry. They give them money, encouragement and protection. This is the reason that non-of the terrorists has been apprehended, let alone prosecuted and punished.

“I can say with a high degree of certitude that the state of Israel and the government of Israel lack both the willingness and the inclination to fight Jewish terror. After all a snake doesn’t bit its own tail.”

Kana’an compared the relations between the Israeli government of Benyamin Netanyahu and the Jewish terrorist groups with the relations between the Nazi regime in Germany and the Hitler Youth group.

The group was responsible for burning dozens of synagogues across Germany in November 1938.

So far, a dozen mosque in the West Bank have been torched by suspected Jewish terrorists. None of the attackers has been arrested.

It is widely believed the Nazi-like religious Zionist group, known as Gush Emunim, stands behind most or all of the mosque torching.

Last week, Jewish settlers indoctrinated in extremist Talmudic theology threatened to transform the West Bank into a huge killing field.

Reacting to Palestinian efforts to obtain international backing for a prospective Palestinian state on territories occupied by Israel in 1967, some settler leaders warned that they would transform Palestinian population centers into another Srebrenica.

In 1995, Serb soldiers carried out a genocide in the Bosnian city where as many as 8000 men and boys were massacred in cold blood.

Settler leaders, who are effectively backed by the Israeli government and army, have made numerous statements of late threatening to slaughter Palestinians in case the United Nations recognizes Palestine as a state or grants enhanced membership status to the Palestinian Authority (PA)

Kiryat Arba Rabbi Dov Lior, an extremist Talmudic sage, was quoted this week as calling for “collective punishment” of Palestinians. He reiterated an erstwhile incendiary Talmudic edict stating that even Gentiles’ children can be killed in time of war, “because there are no innocents in war.”

The same rabbi endorsed a recent Hebrew book calling for murdering the “children of the enemy”, especially in time of war.

In 1994, the elderly rabbi wholeheartedly embraced the massacre carried out by an American-Jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein, in which hundreds of Palestinian worshipers, who were praying at Ibrahimi Mosque in downtown Hebron, were killed and injured.

The rabbi praised the murderer as a great saint and hero. The same rabbi has tens of thousands of faithful followers and supporters and is believed to be feared by the Israel political establishment.

Last week, the main mosque at the village of Qusra near Nablus in the West Bank was badly damaged when Jewish terrorists set its interior on fire.

Observers in the West Bank are convinced that settler terrorist gangs have “moles” and “insiders” within the Israeli occupation army throughout the occupied territories, which allows the terrorists to commit acts of terror and vandalism against Palestinians without getting caught.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, an Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian man who sustained a very serious injury. Meanwhile, Jewish settlers urged the Israeli army to shoot and kill Palestinians following an apparent traffic accident in which two settlers were killed on Friday, 23 September.

Most, if not all, settlers are indoctrinated in a virulent religious ideology that advocates the physical annihilation of non-Jews living under Jewish rule. According to this ideology, even pacified and “law-abiding” Gentiles must be enslaved as “water carriers and wood cutters” in the service of the master race.

In recent years, numerous settler leaders elucidated their fascist ideology vis-a-vis the Palestinians. They quoted “edicts” from ancient Talmudic texts that — if applied — would force millions of Palestinians to choose between enslavement by Jews, violent expulsion or physical extermination.

Settlers, who follow the ideology of religious Zionism, believe that the life of a non-Jew has no sanctity and that a Jew may even murder a non-Jew without the slightest compunction. Some rabbinic authorities go as far as permitting a Jew to murder a non-Jew in order to extract the victim’s vital organs if the Jew needs them.

Several decades ago, the ideology of Gush Emunim, also known as Zionist Messianism, was marginal among the overall Jewish population. However, the ideology looks now to be a mainstream trend as Israeli Jewish society continues to drift towards open fascism.

A few months ago, the spiritual leader of Shas, the powerful political party and kingmaker representing Jews from Arab and Muslim states claimed during a Sabbath eve homily that the status of non-Jews in general is similar to that of beasts of burden and that the Almighty created non-Jews, including Christian supporters of Israel, solely to serve Jews.


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