Arab League condemns attacks by Israeli settlers

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Arab League condemns attacks by Israeli settlers

The Arab League has condemned the attacks by Israeli settlers on mosques in Occupied Palestine, the latest of which was an attack on Al Noor Al Kabir Mosque in the Upper Galilee village of Tuba-Zangaria. Unlike previous recent attacks, this one took place inside Israel (“1948 Occupied Palestine).

In a statement issued on 4 October, the Arab League said that the attack “must be seen in the context of rising Israeli racism, supported by laws passed by the Knesset”. Such laws, said the League’s statement, include 16 which are specifically against Palestinians and have led to the confiscation of Palestinian villages and homes. “The owners of the land and houses are unable to return home because the properties have been handed over to Jews,” claimed the League’s spokesman.

According to the statement, the attacks against Palestinians and their property has been given backing by rulings from Israeli religious institutions. This, added the League, is open incitement to racial hatred against Arabs, calling for them to be targeted and their children to be killed.

The Arab League called on the United Nations and its institutions, especially UNESCO, the Middle East Quartet and all organisations concerned with human and religious rights, to take a strong position in response to these crimes.


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