‘Miles of Smiles’ convoy en route to Gaza

Maan News Agency | Oct 6, 2011

EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Egyptian Maj.-Gen. Jaber Al-Arabi said Wednesday that a new ‘Miles of Smiles’ convoy is on its way to Gaza after leaving Cairo for el-Arish, on the border.

The convoy’s name is “Shuhada October” (the Martyrs of October) and it includes 43 ambulances and 10 tons of medicine and medical equipment, a Ma’an correspondent in el-Arish said.

Ninety activists from Algeria, Bahrain, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey and South Africa are on the convoy.

It is expected that the convoy will arrive in el-Arish, where the Egyptian Red Crescent will welcome it before the activists head off to the Rafah crossing where it will be handed to the Palestinian Red Crescent.


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