Olive Harvest in Palestine 2010 – in pictures

1.2 Million Olive Trees have been destroyed, uprooted, torched even stolen or otherwise vanished from Palestinian lands. The Olive agriculture represents 25% of Palestine’s agricultural resources. In increasing speed, zionist occupation annexates lands and thus also olive fields of families making their living of the harvest of olives for food, export, to produce oil, soap and all related products.

During harvest every Palestinian helps to harvest from old to the young, the politicians to the normal man and woman, the children, the police, accompanied recent years by activist to protest the harvesting people against attacks from colonists. A lot of people though are prohibited to harvest their own olives due to permit restrictions, separation wall and are not even able to go onto their own land to harvest.

Olive trees are nurtured by Palestinians like children. Cultivating trees caring them can take lifetimes. These beautiful pictures show the love of the Palestinians for their olives, the harvest and the importance of International community to preserve this agriculture and source of income for the people. Hundred or Thousand year old trees are being ruthlessly destroyed by Israeli occupation or settlers.

At the moment, Nilin Village in Palestine, were 1100 trees were uprooted or destroyed by settlers, is holding a campaign to replant the trees. You can contribute to restore the trees on the hills of Nilin by donating a tree for only 7 Euro each. The campaign has been going on for some weeks and already 711 Olive trees can be replanted in January 2012. Please help Nilin, or spread this message.

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