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PressTV –  Fri Oct 7, 2011 11:19AM GMT

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has raised questions about the autonomy of the justice system and the independence of the government from Zionist lobbies by giving the Israeli regime’s opposition leader, Tzipi Livni, a “special mission” status, hence temporary immunity from prosecution, during her British visit.

The intervention by Hague comes amid efforts by human rights activists to obtain an arrest warrant for Livni on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Earlier this year, Britain amended the Universal Jurisdiction law to prevent individuals from filing lawsuits against war crime suspects from around the world, unless there is authorization from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The move by Hague to use political advantage to obstruct the legal process against a suspected war criminal intensifies the speculations that the Zionist lobbies are the real decision-makers in Britain as Livni has enjoyed the rare priviledge of a “special mission” status while she is not even a member of the Israeli cabinet .

It also raises serious doubts about honesty of the government when it talks of protecting human rights.

It seems indeed that London is capable of even ignoring internationally condemned violations of human rights, such as the global uproar about Israeli crimes three years ago, to safeguard its interests and appease its Zionist friends.

The amendment subjected the British parliament to the will of the Zionists and the “special mission” consent subjected the government to the Israeli regime’s will; devolving decisions in Britain to the Israeli Knesset would be the final touch to London’s subservience to Tel Aviv.

British activists did secure an arrest warrant for Livni back in 2009 over her direct role in giving the go-ahead to Israeli regime’s troops on an onslaught on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip which left over a thousand innocent people including women and children killed.

The Universal Jurisdiction law amendment requires DPP Keir Starmer to base his consent or rejection of a prosecution over war crimes on the presence of “solid evidence.”

The Public Prosecution Service (CPS) has claimed there is “no concluded view… whether there is sufficient evidence to support a realist prospect of conviction” against Livni.

This comes as the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and the lawyer of the man who had asked for the arrest warrant said the DPP had not turned down their application based on lack of evidence.

“The DPP … has been blocked from any arrest decision … but not on the basis of a lack of evidence. The only reason given by the DPP is the retrospective grant of diplomatic immunity to Ms Livni by the British Foreign Secretary on the basis of a ‘special mission’” a joint statement by the solicitors Hickman and Rose and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said.

“The government has abused the law in order to ensure that Ms Livni escapes accountability. Ms Livni is not a member of the Israeli government, but the leader of the opposition. This action exhibits a serious and worrying disregard for the rule of law, and appears to be in violation of the UK’s international obligations,” they added.

Starmer, himself, said he did receive a private application for an arrest warrant for Livni on Tuesday, but he denied a prosecution permit as the “special mission” status prevents him from issuing such an authorization.



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