#Palestine Protests for it’s Men, Women & Children in Zionist Jails – in pictures

This week all across Palestine there have been protests in the West Bank as well in Gaza in solidarity with the detained Palestinians on hunger strikes who endure severe violations on daily basis, maltreatment, violence, denied human and civil rights.  Arbitrary arrested or jailed with no case nor cause at all. Besides this, torture is common policy in Israeli jails, family visits are denied due to permit policies in which Israel is violating article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states that an occupying power must detain residents of occupied territory in prisons inside the territory which is not the case.

Not only adults, but also hundreds of children are exposed to these atrocities every day. This week Israel raised the age of so called adulthood to 18. This means the current number of children (on which other law and obligations(!) apply) has raised. Their treatment although, will not change a bit in reality.

These atrocities, not only have a severe and sometimes deadly effect on the prisoners themselves, but also on their families. This year even a child died due to Israel’s denial to hug her father. Abeer Skafe, 10 years old, died of the consequences of shock, paralysis and further consequences. Only 10 year old girl…

The prisoners now are on hunger strike and every day more prisoners and even non prisoned people, join this hunger strike of which some now have said to continue until human rights and humanitarian situations improve or until martyrdom. Enough has been enough and every human being should stand up against these continuous violations by the zionist entity of thousands of people incarcerated in Israel’s dungeons.

Besides the local protest many events are being organised at the moment, so please join the Worldwide event for Palestine’s prisoners and help to spread this appeal.

Below some facts about Palestine and it’s prisoners. Palestine, the most jailed nation in the world. Besides this please give it a thought that Israel is actually also imprisoning 1.8 million people in Gaza due to the illegal siege and blockade. (Below the pictures more resources are listed)

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For more information and resources about Palestinian prisoners

In Pictures

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