Extremist Jews Believed Behind Jaffa Cemeteries’ Vandalism – in pictures

Jaffa Protests against Racism – in pictures

Date : 8/10/2011 Time : 11:40 | WAFA

JAFFA, October 8, 2011 (WAFA) –Extremist Jews were believed to be behind vandalism of Muslim and Christian cemeteries in the city Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s twin city, destroying graves and scribbling racist slogans on others, Saturday said local residents.

They said the extremists wrote racist slogans such as “death to Arabs” and “price tag,” slogans which are generally used by extremist Jewish settlers in the West Bank when they attack Palestinian villages.

Ibrahim Sarsour, an Arab Israeli lawmaker, condemned the vandalism. He said “the Israeli government was not making any effort to stop these racist attacks against Palestinians, rather it provides extremists protection.”

An Israeli settler was lately arrested on charges of setting a mosque on fire in the Bedouin village of Tuba-Zangaria in the northern Galilee, which prompted widespread protests in the village and a general strike in the Arab villages.



Also reporting about the assault Team Palestina

Images of assault by the Zionist extremists on the Islamic cemetery named “Al-kazachana”, and they also made a assault on the Christian Orthodox cemetery adjacent to it.
They left racist statements such as “Death to Arabs” and “Price Tag” on the graves and walls in addition to Smashing and vandalizing a number of gravestones.

Both cemetaries are in Jaffa city.

A group of Jewish extremists stormed on Friday afternoon cemetery Alcazachana in the city of Jaffa, and they left no racist statements offensive to Islam and the Arabs emerged, including “Death to Arabs” and “crown of choice” in the sense (pay), as well as they smashed and vandalized some of the graves in the cemetery.
Eyewitnesses said that a group of Jewish extremists has, after this afternoon, broke into the cemetery Alcazachana and desecration, and they left no racist statements offensive to Islam and the Arabs, as they smashed some of the gravestones and sabotage the other, “while they also broke into the Orthodox cemetery adjacent to the cemetery Alcazachana and vandalized some of the graves where, and abusive graffiti on the walls of the Arabs.


Photography via Team Palestina

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