Legal and human calls … Support Strikers

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Legal and human calls … Support Strikers

08-10-2011,09:04 | Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website – Many establishments of human rights and prisoner affairs, present and ex-parliament members, entitled characters and old freed prisoners, etc announced their strong stands with the striking prisoners in occupation strongholds.

Sawsie Center for Human Rigts, the International Solidarity, el-Dameer, Wa3ed, Abnaa el-Balad, the High National Committee for Supporting the Prisoners, the Family Committee of Prisoners, the Society of Prisoner Support, etc are among the establishments that support the striking prisoners in their demands, mainly ending the isolation policy, which is against the international laws, provided by Treaty Three of Geneva 1949, Art. 119.

The above mentioned human and legal establishments and entitled characters call upon the world establishments and organizations of human rights for expressing their steps in supporting the lawful and just demands of prisoners, and practicing pressures on the Israeli occupation authorities and their policies against the Arab and Palestinian prisoners in strongholds and make shift detention camps.

Some of the establishments and the entitled characters shared the Palestinian community this event of supporting the food striking prisoners, in tents and marches. Some of the characters, such as Sa3eed el-3Utba who spent about 30 years in occupation strongholds was among the participants.

Some of the strikers are patients such as Usama 3Abed Rabboo. Some of the isolated strikers as well are prevented from family visits for long ages such as Ibrahim Hamed.

Some of the relatives and citizens of the occupied Palestine of 1948 have announced start of food strike backing the isolated and strikers in occupation strongholds.

Othman Musleh- Abu Naji- who has been in occupation strongholds for about 30 years, got more than one life in jail and isolated, have announced the start of food strike and said that he has not witnessed in all his life-arrest such an attack of the Israeli prison management against prisoners.

Even the children have participated this incident in the time being of extra assault of the prison management for ending the strike. The management conveys prisoners from strongholds to other ones for weakening the position of the prisoners. It conveyed today, for example, Mahmood 3Isa from the isolation section in Ramon to the other one in Jalboo.

The family of old sheikh Jamal Abu el-Haija, who was arrested injured with left hand being cut off in 2003, appeals for getting him out of isolation as his health condition is getting worse day after day.
Thursday, October 06, 2011


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