Hamas: Israel ‘fully responsible’ for repercussions of Jaffa attacks

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[ 09/10/2011 – 07:18 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas said Sunday that Israel is “fully responsible” for the repercussions of a series of racial attacks against Palestinians in the city of Jaffa in the 1948-occupied territories.

In the wake of a recently leaked video clip of Israeli police brutality and settler attacks on Palestinian property and sacred grounds in Jaffa, the Palestinian resistance party said: “We in Hamas strongly condemn the brutal attacks that the Zionists have engaged in against our people and against our Islamic and Christian cemeteries in Jaffa,” calling the attacks a “serious escalation and a racist action”.

“We hold the Zionist occupation and its army, which provides cover for those crimes, fully responsible,” Hamas said.

In a statement, Hamas lauded the Palestinian people of Jaffa for their steadfastness, calling on them to continue to “stand firm and united in the face of the attacks by of the [Israeli occupier] and the settlers”.

Hundreds of Palestinians in the coastal city of Jaffa joined demonstrations on Saturday evening to protest the attacks on the graveyards

Around 25 structures were destroyed and graffiti calling for “death to Arabs” as well as “price tag” were found in the graveyards as Jews celebrated the Yom Kippur holidays.

On Sunday evening, Palestinian organizations in Jaffa met to discuss what steps would be taken to counter the racial attacks by Jewish settlers.

This comes in conjunction with a YouTube clip of Israeli police using brutal force to remove a Palestinian family from their home in Jaffa.

In the video, a small girl was forced away from her father and an elderly woman was thrown on her back.

Elsewhere, extremist Jews from the West Bank settlement of Itamar, southeast of Nablus, have attacked Palestinians in nearby Awarta village in an outbreak of settler violence across the occupied territories.

The attack took place even as locals attempted to bolster their presence in the farm areas as they picked olives, said Ghassan Daghlas, an official tasked with monitoring settlement activity.

The former head of Israeli internal security forces Abraham Dichter warned that the attacks on sensitive areas, such as Al-Aqsa Mosque sanctuary area, could spark conflict from anew.


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