Governor of Ramallah’s car stoned by settlers

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Note from occupiedpalestine: Jewish settlers threw a stone at car of governor of Ramallah, Under Israeli Military Order a Palestinian normally if charged with this can get a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and in 91% of cases bail is denied (Source)

Maan News Agency | Oct 10, 2011

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A car carrying Governor of Ramallah Laila Ghanam and police chief Abdul Latif al-Qadumi was pelted with stones by settlers on Sunday night, security sources said.

The car came under attack while passing by the notorious Yitzhar settlement in Nablus, causing the driver to swerve and lightly injure both passengers, security authorities told Ma’an.

The governor and police chief were on their way back to Ramallah when the attack took place.

Ghanam condemned the attack, noting that settler violence often takes place in the area.

In September, settlers in Nablus vandalized two mosques and an Israeli army base, uprooted olive trees and set fire to cars.

The Israeli army passed down restraining orders on settlers from Yitzhar in August on charges of “endangering lives and disprupting public order.

“A group of extreme activists living in the vicinity of Yitzhar have been, for the past two years, involved in leading, directing and executing violent and clandestine activity targeting Palestinian residents,” according to an army statement.


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