Israeli fighter jets bombard several areas in north Gaza

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Israeli fighter jets bombard several areas in north Gaza

10-10-2011,10:05  – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website– Gaza- The Israeli Air Force bombarded several areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, while the Israeli Navy fired shells at coastal areas; damages were reported, no injuries

Local sources reported that an Israeli fighter jet fired one missile at an open area, north of Beit Lahia.

Also, an Israeli Navy vessel opened fire at Palestinian boats fishing in the area, leading to excessive damages.

Furthermore, an explosion took place east of Rafah city in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, leading to damages; the cause of the explosion remains unknown.

Abu Mujahed, spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committee, one of the armed resistance groups in Gaza, called on all resistance groups to retaliate to the Israeli attacks; including any attacks carried out by extremist settler groups against Arab areas within the 1948 territories.

He added that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is hindering the activities of the resistance, and stated that extremist Israeli settler groups in the 1948 territories are ongoing with their attacks against the Arab residents, and the holy sites.

“We are sure that these attacks, and escalating violations, will lead to another revolution”, Abu Mujahed stated “A revolution to liberate the land, and remove those settlers and end the occupation”.

He further stated that peace agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, “granted the settlers and the occupation more chances to escalate their attacks and violations”.

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