IOF demolishes mosque in Jordan Valley for the third time this year

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[ 11/10/2011 – 11:42 AM ]

TOBAS, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) razed Khirbat Yirza mosque near Tobas city in the Jordan Valley on Tuesday for the third time this year, local sources said.

They said that IOF troops arrived to the village escorting bulldozers and cordoned off the mosque before starting to raze it.

The IOF is using the usual pretext of lack of construction permit, which a resident in the village refuted saying that the mosque was built four decades ago before the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Abdullah Misaeed told the PIC reporter that the residents own papers proving that the mosque was built before that date, adding that the Arab Bedouins inhabiting the village are adamant on praying in it even if it was reduced to rubbles.

He said that the 200 inhabitants of the village are insistent on remaining put despite the IOF repeated demolition notices served to almost all inhabitants.

IOF army barracks surround the village and soldiers daily exercise using lived ammunition.

Hamas MP Hamed Al-Beitawi described the demolition of the mosque as “racist”, and another proof of the terrorism exercised by the Israeli military and settlers against religious shrines.

Describing the act as a violation of international laws and norms, Beitawi, who is also chairman of the Palestinian scholars association, urged the Palestinian people to adopt serious positions in face of such aggression and to protect their mosques and holy shrines.


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