Settlers grab more land in Salfit and install mobile homes

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[ 12/10/2011 – 03:49 PM ]

SALFIT, (PIC)– Jewish settlers continue to grab Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. Israeli occupation bulldozers levelled agricultural fields in between the villages of Eskaka and Yasuf to east of Salfit in the northern West Bank to expand a settlement outpost there.

Nabil Haris, the head of Eskaka village council, said the bulldozers prepared the land between the villages of Eskaka and Yasuf, then large caravans carried on lories were brought to the area to set them up for settlers.

He added that until Tuesday evening four caravans were brought in and that more of the village land is now under threat of confiscation.

Meanwhile, Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the formation of a legal panel to examine ways to legalise settlement-outposts in the Occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. Justice Minister Yaakov Neema will set up a task force consisting of a number of legal experts to explore the possibility of legalising those settlements in the West Bank and various parts of occupied Jerusalem which are not at present recognised by the Israeli government.

According to Haaretz Netanyahu’s move “was a result of significant pressure” from settlers and a number of ministers within his own Likud Party. One Israeli politician told the newspaper that the task force could “provide a pretext” for postponing the demolition of the settlements which are considered illegal under Israeli law.

All Israeli settlements are considered by international law to be illegal, whereas Israel recognises some and not others.


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