@docjazzmusic receives a music blog award!

█▌Note from OccupiedPalestine: Mabrook ya Doc!  May you receive many more awards & rewards for Dunya wa ‘l Akheera! Ameen ya Rabbil ‘Alameen!

Thursday, 13 October 2011 14:55 | Musical Intifada | by Dr. Tariq Shadid

Doc Jazz has some great news to share this time: a music blog award from Clickitticket.com ! Clickitticket is an independent sports, ticket and concert agency.

The Musical Intifada received an email from Clickitticket’s Sarah Conte, saying: “A couple of years back we ran a little feature on our favorite music artists. Our visitors loved it – we included quite a few overlooked artists, so responses flooded in along the lines of ‘man, I wish I’d found this band ages ago!’. As a result of how fun it was, we’ve decided to do it again with our latest top picks, and the whole thing wouldn’t be complete without the genius stylings of Doc Jazz.”

A big thank you to Clickitticket for their recognition!

The text at the award says:

“Doc Jazz is perhaps best known for his lyrics. He is a Palestinian surgeon who grew up in the Netherlands and who uses his jazz-pop to express his views, opinions and emotions on anything and everything concerning Palestine. The Musical Intifada has been running since 2001 and provides a great deal of information on Doc Jazz and what he stands for. There is a link to his entire songbook which allows you to read all of his influential lyrics, as well as links to videos of his performances and a shop selling ‘Free Palestine’ badges and t-shirts and his songbook is for sale too.

Reasons to Check ‘Em Out

Doc Jazz’s regularly-updated articles provide a viewpoint on all-things Palestine and are as passionate as his music and lyrics. Sometimes there is no better way to say something powerful than through the medium of music, and Doc Jazz has done just that.”

You can check out the listing here, in the Jazz/Funk category, and you will see that Doc Jazz was shortlisted with only 9 other candidates for the award. Click here to see it!

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Source & More at the Musical Intifada of Doc Jazz

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