Families of political prisoners hold a protest in al-Khalil

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[ 14/10/2011 – 06:21 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Families of political prisoners in Palestinian Authority jails and captives in occupation jails were joined by university students on Thursday to protest in support of the prisoners calling for their immediate release.

The protesters also praised the prisoner exchange deal and called for the support of prisoners in occupation jails who are fighting a battle for their rights by going on an open ended hunger strike for more than two weeks now.

The protestors commemorated the two Qassam resistance leaders Nashaat al-Karmi and Ma’moun al-Natshe who were killed by occupation forces.

The protestors held placards reading: “Is the solution to political prisoners [in PA jails] an exchange deal?”, “Security coordination is a dagger killing the Palestinian cause and causing disunity”, “Today, prisoners are freed from occupation jails, when will prisoners be freed from PA jails?” and “Resistance frees captives, security coordination results in arresting freed captives and surrendering them [to occupation], for how long will this go on?”

In a message to the PA, the protesters said that captives freed from occupation jails should be honoured, not imprisoned and tortured, citing the cases of Jafar Dababsa and Rami Abu Samra who went on hunger strike reaching the prink of death and the case of Abdel-Razzaq al-Arouri, who was kidnapped only three days after being released form occupation jails, and who is being threatened with death under torture in the preventive security jail in Ramallah.

Source & more at  the Palestinian Information Center

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