Human rights centre: health of hunger strikers deteriorating

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[ 14/10/2011 – 05:11 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The centre for prisoners’ studies called on Imams to give support to the Palestinian captives in occupation jails, who have been on hunger strike for the 18th day running, during their Friday sermon.

Director of the centre, Raafat Hamdona, himself a former captive, said in a statement on Friday that the health of the hunger strikers is worsening, with some of them taken to clinics for treatment. He added that some of them are not capable to stand and they lost on average 12 Kgs each.

He called for more popular and official solidarity with the captives after the breakdown of negotiations between the prisoners’ representatives and the occupation prison authorities.

Hamdouna stressed that the prison authorities will go further in their punitive measures if the prisoners are left alone in their fight for their rights.

He called on the international community, human rights organisations and the Unite Nations to fulfil their duties towards Palestinian captives and to provide them with international protection by forcing to occupation to comply with international laws and conventions. He further called for the formation of international legal and medical committees to visit Palestinian captives in occupation jails to see the conditions of incarceration they have to endure.


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