Jewish Extremists Destroy Tombstones in Historical Cemetery in Jerusalem

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Previous settler attack on the Ma’man Allaah cemetery July 14, 2011

Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA
JERUSALEM, October 13, 2011 (WAFA) – Al -Aqsa Institute for Waqf and Heritage revealed Thursday that a number of Jewish extremists set fire to a large tree and destroyed about fifteen graves in ‘Ma’man Allah’ historical cemetery in East Jerusalem, according to a press release by the institue.

It said that during its delegation’s inspection tour to the cemetery, they found out that a large cypress tree, located in the south west side of the remainder of the cemetery, not far from the part where they plan to build the so-called ‘Museum of Tolerance’, was burned completely, and residual effects on the site indicate that the arson took place overnight.

The delegation also revealed the destruction of about fifteen tomb stones or parts of the graves in different parts of the cemetery.

The institute asserted that it is clear that this destruction is new, in addition to the dozens of other graves that have been destroyed before. Russian slogans, which their meanings are unknown, were found on some of the graves.

A trustee of the cemetery, al-Hajj Sami Rizq Allah Abu Mukh, condemned these crimes, saying, “This is an ugly attack against the sanctity of Ma’man Allah cemetery. It is not the first and it won’t be the last, because the Israeli institution in reality does not pursue those who carry out such criminal acts.”

“The official Israeli institution is responsible for the consecutive and frequent crimes against sanctuaries and endowments.”

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Source & More at the website of WAFA

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