Resheq: we have defined the criteria for the second phase of the exchange

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13/10/2011 – 09:49 PM | Palestinian Information Center

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau, Ezzat al-Resheq, revealed that the second phase of the prisoner-exchange deal, which was brokered by Egypt, will be implemented after two months and according to the criteria agreed.

He said on Thursday, in a statement he published on his facebook page, the criteria of those to be released at this stage are:

1- Include prisoners serving time for patriotic acts rather than criminal acts.

2- Exclude prisoners who almost completed their terms to include those who still have several years to serve (up to 12 years).

3- They should all go to their homes.

He also said that the names of prisoners to be released in this phase are to be decided by the Israeli occupation according to the criteria agreed.


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