Settlers Enter Palestinian Land in Khallet al-Nahleh and Artas

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Village of Artas

PNN – Palestine News Network  15.10.11 – 04:38

On Friday, Israeli settlers broke into Khallet al-Nahleh and Artas, two villages south of Bethlehem in an alleged attempt to expand the nearby settlement of Efrat.
Awad Abu Swei, a spokesman for the PA Ministry of Agriculture, said that “hundreds of settlers” entered Palestinian land through gaps in the wall.
“Dozens of vehicles transporting settlers entered to the area under the protection of Israeli forces,” claimed Abu Swei. “These incursions have increased lately, because [the settlers] intend to lay claim to Jabal Tareq mountain and expand the Efrat settlement”.
He also said that there is a plan to build a settlement in the Khallet al-Nahleh area named Givat Aytam, according to a settler website.


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