Haneyya: Our joy will not be complete until all captives are released

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[ 14/10/2011 – 09:51 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haneyya, said that feelings of joy over the release of captives will not be complete until all captives are released from Israeli occupation jails.

Haneyya said during his Friday sermon in which he also said farewell to pilgrims leaving for Makkah: “our joy and victory will not be complete until we liberate all our land and all our captives. Today [we free captives] and tomorrow Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.”

He added that on Thursday Palestinian have a date for a national joyous occasion and a historic juncture when we receive our heroes who are returning from occupation jails.

Haneyya described the deal as a good deal that guaranteed the release of all female captives as well as 1000 others and helped reinforce the meanings of unity of Palestinian people and Palestinian geography. “The West Bank, Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, 1948-occupied Palestine and the Golan will all be united in celebrating the release of the captives in a deal that did cost a lot determination and steadfastness, especially from the people of the Gaza Strip.”

He called on the pilgrims to carry this message to the Ummah: “There are thousands more captives in occupation jails. Palestine is still under occupation, Jerusalem is under occupation, Gaza is under siege and the people are suffering.”

“Our message to the Ummah is lift the siege imposed on Gaza, do not forget Palestine, Jerusalem and the refugees who spent more than sixty years in exile.”


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