Israel names 477 prisoners to be freed

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Israeli justice ministry publishes official list of Palestinian prisoners to be released in phase one of a swap deal.
16 Oct 2011 | Al Jazeera English

Israel has released the official list of 477 Palestinian prisoners to be free in the first stage of a swap deal for the captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Israel’s justice ministry published the roster of 450 Palestinian men and 27 women on the website of the Israel Prisons Service on Sunday.

Shimon Peres, the Israeli president, received the files of hundreds of prisoners and was given 48 hours to sign the pardons to officiate the release, a presidential spokeswoman said.

The exchange will take place on Tuesday, a move by the Israeli government to give its public a chance to lodge any legal appeals against the deal which will see the return of Shalit, who has spent more than five years in captivity.

Among the Palestinian prisoners to be freed are many who have been convicted for plotting suicide bombings inside restaurants and buses as well as shooting attacks that killed hundreds of Israelis and injured many more.

One prominent name is Ahlam Tamimi, who worked as a reporter with a local television station before joining Hamas, the Palestinian faction which rules the Gaza Strip.

She received 16 life sentences for helping choose places for suicide attacks and was accused of taking bombers to some of the locations, including a Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001, where 15 people were killed.

Also to be released is Mohammed Al-Sharatha, a leader of the Hamas special elite fighting unit “101” which kidnapped two Israeli soldiers in 1989. The two soldiers were killed. Sharatha was arrested in 1989 and sentenced to three life terms and a separate 30-year-term.

Nasser Iteima, who was behind the bombing of a Netanya hotel in 2002 that killed 30 people and wounded 140, will be released.

As will Walid Anjes who was jailed for orchestrating a bombing at the Moment cafe in Jerusalem that killed 11 people and maimed dozens that same year.

Another 550 Palestinian prisoners are to be released within two months as the second round of the landmark deal.


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