Hamas’ Mousa Abu Marzouq: Syria, Qatar, Turkey to Host Deported Prisoners

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PNN – Palestine News Network –  17.10.11 – 22:35

PNN -On Monday, Deputy Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouq told al-Hayat newspaper that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal would arrive in Cairo today to receive 40 deported prisoners to be released during the Shalit deal. He said three countries had agreed to host the prisoners: Syria will host the majority, with others being settled in Qatar and Turkey.  


Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Mousa Abu Marzouq (PNN Archive).
“The swap deal that we accepted included the release of all female prisoners, but Israel said that the women who were detained after the start of negotiations would be excluded from the deal,” said Abu Marzouq. “Nine female prisoners whose names were not mentioned will remain in Israeli prisons.”
He expressed sorrow and pointed out that this issue was at the center of the indirect negotiations held in Cairo yesterday. He said neither party could reopen negotiations or cancel the deal.
Abu Marzouq explained that Meshaal’s delegation would receive the prisoners to be deported while another Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, would receive the prisoners bound for the Gaza Strip at the Rafah crossing. At the same time, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will receive the prisoners to be released into the West Bank.
Abu Marzouq described the upcoming reception of the prisoners as a “historical moment,” adding that Hamas wished to see all prisoners released.
“Our bodies will be with the released prisoners, but our hearts are still with those in prison,” he said.
Abu Marzouq explained, “The prisoners who will go to Gaza will be handed to Egyptian officers at the Rafah crossing, and those who will go to the West bank will be handed to Egyptian officers at al-Galmah crossing, and the prisoners who were expelled abroad will be headed direct from the airports to the host countries’ capitals.” The Red Cross will supervise.

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