In Hebron, A Family Waits to Reunite

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PNN – Palestine News Network | 18.10.11 | Ansar Atmayzeh

Nothing makes Amal al-Awawdeh happier than the release of her father Ahmed. She was born while he was in a prison–now 12 and living in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, she’s only seen him behind iron bars and glass partitions. She’s never felt his kiss on her forehead. When she heard his name was part of the Shalit prisoner exchange due to begin tomorrow, her joy radiated. Finally, she will have a father like the rest of her friends.


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Amal has waited patiently. “I was hurt when all the fathers visited their girls in the school and my father was in prison,” she said. “I’m going to ask him everything. I am the happiest person in the world because my father is coming back to our family.”
Amal says she denounces the prisoners’ poor treatment every morning at school under her throat hurts. She says she must remind the world that her father and thousands like him are living behind bars.
The Abu Salah house is crowded as the neighborhood prepares to receive him started and his wife has been busy making the house look beautiful. The next Eid al-Adha will be the best in the household in years, Ahmed’s wife says, because he will finally see the happiness on his son’s faces after 12 years.
“I haven’t felt  happiness without him,” she said. “My daughters got married and we had many parties, but I haven’t felt happy.”
She says she feels sorry for the other prisoners, asking God to release them soon so their families will have a taste of their joy as well. But she didn’t hide her fear of disappointment and says she’s still thinks an obstacle may prevent Ahmed’s release.
Twelve-year-old Amal doesn’t even want to think about the possibility. Her mother says her innocence does not permit it.

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