#T4J | Palestine is Thirsty for Justice – Campaign

Palestinians are Thirsting for Justice

Israel exerts control over Palestinian water resources
Palestinians are prevented from meeting their basic rights

Some facts:

  • Israel controls ALL sources of water in the West Bank, including access to the Jordan River;
  • Israeli settlements have unrestricted access to water. Palestinians living nearby often have to ration water;
  • Israelis consume four times more water than Palestinians. Palestinian consumption does not meet World Health Organization standards;
  • About half of the Palestinian population in Jerusalem are not allowed by law to connect to the Municipal water supply;
  • The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip is hampering efforts to treat wastewater. Daily, 60 to 80 million liters of sewage goes into the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Over 90% of the water in Gaza is unsuitable for human consumption. The sole aquifer in Gaza may collapse if urgent measures are not taken;
  • Israel routinely destroys basic Palestinian water and sanitation infrastructure, depriving communities of essential services and livelihoods.

Act Now!

The Thirsting for Justice Campaign invites you to participate on a twitter campaign calling on European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton (@eu_eeas) to urge member-states to do all they can to stop these violations. Palestinian rights cannot be conditional on the political process.


Tweet the following messages and urge your friends to do the same:

EU (@eu_eeas) must do more to stop Israeli violations. Palestinians are @thirsty4justice #T4J #Palestine

European Union (@eu_eeas) speak out against Israel´s discriminatory policies on water in the oPt! @thirstyforjustice #T4J #Palestine

Ashton (@eu_eeas) water is a basic commodity, but not for everyone. Support Palestinian right to water @thirstyforjustice #T4J #Palestine

Ashton (@eu_eeas), water cannot be held hostage to the political process. Palestinians are @thirstyforjustice #T4J #Palestine

Learn more about the campaign by visiting www.thirstingforjustice.org and www.ewash.org

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