Caught on Tape: ‫Israeli Abducts Child from Silwan Palestine – video

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The “Pied Piper of Hamelin” is Alive. Not in Germany but in Oppressed Silwan. No Legends this Time

This is the title of a blogpost I wrote on April 14, 2011 about the atrocities and abductions of the children of Palestine.

Below, caught on tape an Israeli abducting a child from Silwan. Please watch it, and read the post mentioned before it contains several resources to similar cases and more videos.

Currently Defence for Children as well as UNICEF are calling for the release of the children, which are continuously undergoing violence, abuse, torture, sexual harrasment and even injured or neglected to handicap or death.

This is a time to act!

Act by spreading this video, resources, retweeting or sharing otherwise included links and follow instructions for actvists and activism in the appeal from Defence for Children.

The Children are silenced in prison. And have no voice. So be their voice and help to get them out of Israel’s dungeons and away from the atrocities.

Imagine… this would be your child….:

Stolen Children, Stolen Lives ~ Israel’s arrest & abuse of Palestinian Children – video

Silwan Targeted – video

Silwan: No Legend Yet – more resources

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Children

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