Israel Insults Egypt After The Release of Shalit

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October 18, 2011 | by  Kawther Salam

Israeli Channels 2 and 10, TV channels known as extreme right wing and close to the military, managed by former IDF officers and war criminals, thanked the Egyptian authorities for their role in helping to release Israeli soldier Shalit in the usual way, which shows the real face and the true character and moral of the jewish “state” Israel. These official TV stations launched a brutal attack on Egyptians and the Egyptian television broadcast after interviewer Shahira Amin from the Egyptian TV aired an interview with Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit where she asked him among other things: “There are more than 5.000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Will you help to start a campaign for their release?” Shalit spoke about the good treatment he received from his captors, elements of the Islamic Resistance Hamas Movement, saying also that he hoped that all Palestinian prisoners will be released and able to return to their families.

Yaakov Ayalon (יעקב אילון) from Channel Ten and his correspondent described the interview as a “very bizarre” and “barbaric” one. Israeli Channel Two said that the interview was “not comfortable” or civilized. The Israeli TV stations asked Israelis to comment on the release of Shalit, they broadcast how individuals wished death to the Egyptian interviewer Amin. Another one of them said “I wish that I could spit her on face”. Yet others cursed her with obscene and immoral insults describing her as “more than brazen” and characterizing her with words which can not be repeated. Newspapers and people commenting on their online releases also allowed themselves to go far beyond what can be described as polite.

Ynetnews wrote: “Amin’s crude interview with Shalit Tuesday morning featured heavy pro-Egyptian and pro-Palestinian propaganda”. “It appeared that Amin was virtually abusing Shalit, moments after he was brought to Egypt from Gaza.

In another report Ynet wrote: The Egyptian anchorwoman, Shaira Amin, later took pride in her great “scoop” in an interview with Israeli TV, highlighting how clueless she is in respect to enlightened journalistic standards. With her shameful performance she joined a long list of fellow Arabs who had proved time and again in the past that speaking fluent English and wearing modern clothes does not make one intelligent, civilized or humane.

Notably, while all this was going on, Israel went about its side of the deal with the customary dignity, avoiding any disparagement of the freed Palestinian prisoners.

The above statements should be qualified with two notes: Firstly, not all Arabs are like this. It is not the Arab “race” that is flawed, but rather, Arab culture and society which are mired in a cesspool of primitivism and barbarity. One can only pity the honorable, intelligent citizens of these societies for being surrounded by such spectacular mediocrity.

Secondly, despite our neighbors’ unsavory character, these are our “partners for coexistence” in our home region, the Middle East. As such, we must do everything in our power to maintain our peace treaty with Egypt, a priceless asset for Israel, and attempt to secure some kind of understandings (rather than “peace”) with our Palestinian foes.

As a Palestinian I can only thank the Egyptian authorities for their good offices in this issue and the good will of the Egyptian people towards Palestinians.


Source and more at Kawther Salam’s website


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