Gaddafi Died – picture

We don’t know if the pictures is a fake, but this one was aired some minutes ago on twitter short after Belhaj confirmed his dead on Al Jazeera.

AlJazeera just opened a new page which can be found here and announcing soon more footage will be available

Information Clearing House aired several video’s and images (very graphic)

Allaah said, in a hadith qudsiy spoken by the Prophet SalliAllahu ‘Aleyhi wa Sallam:
“Yaa ‘ibaadiy inniy harramtu adh-dhulma ‘alaa nafsiy wa ja’altuhu bainakum muharraman, fa laa tadhaalamoo.”
“O My slaves, I have forbidden myself oppression and I have made it between you forbidden, so do not oppress one another.”
~ [Muslim]

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