Israel Blocks Hebron Governor from Entering Old City

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

PNN – Palestine News Network – 20.10.11 – 21:33

PNN -On Thursday, Israeli forces stopped Hebron governor Kamel Hamid, as well as several teachers and students from the Cordoba girls’ school, from entering the Old City where the school is located.

An Israeli soldier mans the checkpoint dividing Hebron, with Palestinian-controlled H1 on one side and the Jewish settlements in H2 on the other (Brendan Work, PNN).
Governor Hamid told PNN that the Israeli army’s procedures were “completely unacceptable” and violated international law and human rights.
The Israeli army started preventing Palestinian teachers and students from reaching the Cordoba girls’ school one week ago. Teachers have resorted to holding classes outside the checkpoint separating the H1 and H2 sectors of Hebron. H2 is controlled entirely by the Israeli army.
“The Israeli forces wanted teachers to pass through the electronic doors,” said Hamid. “This is not part of any agreement and it’s very humiliating and provocative at the same time. The sit-in will still be staged at the checkpoint and we demand [the Israeli army] treat teachers and students in a good manner.”

Source and more at the Palestine News Network

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