Al Qassam Brigades vows to abduct more soldiers

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Al Qassam Brigades vows to abduct more soldiers

23-10-2011,10:43  – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website– Gaza- Leader of Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades Hamas’  military wing  Ahmed Al Jabari threatens more kidnappings until all Israeli jails are emptied of Palestinian prisoners.

Head of the Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigade (E.Q.B)  Hamas’ military wing Ahmed Jabari said Saturday that Hamas will continue to abduct Israeli  soldiers. In an interview with a Hamas-affiliated media outlet he stated: “We will continue to abduct Israeli soldiers and officers as long as there are Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Jabari, who played a key role in the Shalit prisoner swap, stressed that “Ezzedee al Qassam Brigades have taken it upon themselves to empty Israeli jails of all prisoners regardless of their political positions or their ideology.”

The Hamas official described the day of the prisoner exchange, which saw 477 Palestinian prisoners go free, as the happiest day of his life. “On this day we gave joy to all the mothers, fathers, and beloved sons of many Palestinian prisoners.”

He said that the prisoners who were deported to the Gaza Strip were in their homeland and with their people as Gaza was part of Palestine.

Meanwhile, Zuhair Al-Qaisi  spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committees said Saturday that Gilad Shalit was given sufficient food and allowed to watch Hebrew-language TV.

Noam Shalit said earlier this week his son is suffering from malnutrition and wounds sustained during his capture that had not been treated properly..

Al-Qaisi dismissed the accusations, saying that Shalit was provided food that “fits him as a Jew”, by which he appeared to mean kosher food.

“The way Shalit looked when he was released proved that he was treated well,” said Al-Qaisi. “He used to watch the news through the television and through watching some of the channels in Hebrew.”

Source and more at the website of Al Qassam Brigades

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