Disgraceful behavior ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Disgraceful behavior

25-10-2011 | By Khalid Amayreh | Ezzedeen Al Qassam Website

At a time when  the clouds of tyranny and  despotism are being dissipated throughout the Arab world, the little  Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to behave characteristically toward the forces of patriotism in  occupied Palestine, namely as an authoritarian security agency at Israel’s  beck and call.

How else can one relate to recent reports that some PA security agencies have been sending summons for interrogation to some of the Palestinian prisoners recently released from Israeli dungeons and concentration camps in the context of the Shalit swap deal?

This writer tried to contact the Palestinian security apparatus to enquire about the veracity or mendacity of the said reports.

Unfortunately, officials wouldn’t answer questions “because these are sensitive security matters.”

Some “unofficial” PA sources spoke of “summons for sipping a cup of coffee” with security officials in the freed prisoners’ area of residence.

But this is an insult to people’s intelligence, to say the very least. After all, the PA security agencies have an ignominious record of mistreating, tormenting, humiliating, torturing and even murdering political detainees in their custody.

During the dishonorable era of Keith Dayton, the infamous American CIA General  tasked with the mission of morphing Palestinian soldiers into soldiers in the service of Israel ,   some PA security agents indulged in every conceivable barbarity act against innocent detainees.

The task they were trying to carry out was not to serve their country or national cause, but rather to obtain a certificate of good conduct from Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States.

We thought that the Dayton era was well behind us. However, the dishonorable behavior of the security agencies reminds us that Dayton and the collaborationist mentality he sought to implant in the minds of these so-called “officers” still guide the PA security apparatus, especially in its dealing with the Islamic opposition.

What makes the summons especially repulsive is the fact that it comes only a few days following the implementation of the Shalit deal which really represented a rare triumph for Palestine and its struggling people.

Furthermore,  this despicable  conduct comes amidst renewed calls for accelerating the reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas. Hence,  one is prompted to ask: What is going on? Are there traitors at the table?

Indeed, what is the point of  holding a meeting between Chairman Abbas and Brother Khalid Meshaal, thus unnecessarily  raising high expectations among our people, if certain elements within the PA security apparatus continue to behave in this way?

I don’t know if the PA leadership is aware of the summons’ story. But as the Palestinian-Arab adage goes, it is a calamity if it knew what happened, but it is even a greater calamity if it didn’t.

We hope and pray that the PA will turn a new page before it is too late. The Arab spring, which has revived hopes in the hearts of millions of Arabs and Muslims for a better tomorrow, will not permit the forces of treason to stab the Umma in the back.

Source and more at the website of Al-Qassam

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