Israel Arrests 10 Overnight, PA Sentences Nablus Man for Collaboration

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PNN – 25.10.11 – 19:55
In a series of overnight raids throughout the West Bank, Israeli soldiers arrested 10 people, according to the Palestinian government news wire Wafa. Meanwhile in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, a Palestinian Authority (PA) court sentenced an unnamed man to 10 years in prison for collaborating with the Israeli security service Shabak.

Israeli soldiers patrol the Palestinian village of al-Walajeh (Brendan Work, PNN).
The prosecutor in the case told reporters that the collaborator, age 34, had been passing information to the Shabak officer in charge of the Salfit governorate since 2002, after he was imprisoned inside Israel. On his release, the officer gave him an identity card that would let him pass through Israeli checkpoints and a cell phone with 450 NIS on it.
“The officer promised the suspect a work permit inside Israel in exchange for surveillance of armed persons wanted by the Israeli occupation,” said the prosecutor. “He would report on who was throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles and settlers’ cars on the main road outside of Deir Istiya.”
Around the West Bank, nine of the ten Palestinians arrested by Israeli soldiers last night were not named. Local sources told Wafa that 41-year-old Khaled Hassan al-Hajajreh was arrested during a raid on his home in the village of Umm Salmouneh, between Bethlehem and Hebron. An unnamed friend of al-Hajajreh was also arrested in the raid.

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