Nimr Hamad: Lieberman Has a “Thuggish, Animal Mentality”

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

25.10.11 – 21:18| PNN – Palestine News Network

PNN -Nimr Hamad, the political adviser to Mahmoud Abbas, said on Tuesday that Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman speaks from a “thuggish mentality.” The comment comes as a response to Lieberman’s statement that Mahmoud Abbas is an obstacle to the peace process and he must be removed.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (AP Photo).
Hamad said Lieberman’s statements represent how Israel is governed: with “a thuggish and aggressive mentality.” Hamad said he was sorry that Israel chose someone like Lieberman to represent it.
“The obstacle to the progress of the peace process is neither President Abbas nor Palestinian policy, but Israeli policy,” said Hamad. “Lieberman’s statements are evidences of an arrogant policy and an animal mentality. The international community and [US Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton must condemn [his comments].”
Hamad said he considered the Israeli plan to build 4,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem “a shock to the Quartet,” and said he hopes Quartet envoy Tony Blair would not repeat the same claims about “increased complication” to the peace process. Instead, Hamad asked him to take real, practical steps to force Israel to stop settling the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

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