PA Security arrest 7 Hamas supporters

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PA Security arrest 7 Hamas supporters

25-10-2011,08:22 – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website – PA security forces arrested 7 Hamas supporters in Nablus and al-Khalil, five of them after being freed from Junaid jail in Nablus.

In Nablus district, the PA Preventive Security arrested freed captive Zahi Kusa after raiding his home last night. He already spent a number of long spells in jail.

In a step to circumvent a court ruling that stipulates the release of a number of political prisoners, the preventive security re-arrested on Saturday Darwish Saqer, Rami Isa and Ahmad Mar’i immediately after releasing them from Junaid prison in Nablus.

The same security agency had re-arrested Morsi Ziada and Samer Odeh immediately after their release from Junaid prison on Friday evening. The five detainees are students and graduates of the Najah University in Nablus and have been detained on several occasions by the PA security.

The preventive security also arrested Wael Abu Khazma and Adi Bari from their homes in Nablus on Thursday, just one day after being released from Junaid prison.

The preventive security presented the cases of nine political detainees, including the seven who have been re-arrested recently, at a Nablus court.

The PA security is still detaining Muthanna Eshteyya from the village of Tel and barring his mother from visiting him or even send him some clothes.

In al-Khalil district, the PA preventive security handed Mikdad and Mujahid, the sons of MP Muhammad Abu Juhaisha summonses to attend on Monday at their headquarters in Tarqumia.

The PA General Intelligence also arrested Amjad Qazzaz from the Dura on Friday, he is a former captive in occupation jails and he was detained by preventive security for eight months.

Qazzaz was summoned by the PA general intelligence three times during the past two weeks, before he was arrested on Friday.

In Tulkarem, district, a number of people were summoned by PA security on the backdrop of attending celebrations for the freed captives. Amongst those summoned were Abdullah Awad, Muhammad al-Hamshari and Amer Bashir.

Source and more at the website of Al-Qassam Brigades

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