Moscow charity to deliver medical aid to besieged Gaza

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[ 26/10/2011 – 05:38 PM ]

MOSCOW, (PIC)– Solidarity Charitable Foundation (Moscow, Russia) has collected 5 million rubles (about $170,000) to buy medicines for the besieged Gaza Strip, whose public health system has been experiencing a real crisis, a press statement by the charity said.

“This week Russian Muslims are going to deliver the essential medical supplies to hospitals in the cut-off Gaza Strip.”

“Earlier Gazan Ministry of Health said that 310 items of medicines and medical supplies are no longer available to residents of Gaza. The Ministry appealed to all those who can provide medicines and medical supplies, to save the health system of the besieged enclave.

“People from Moscow, Dagestan, Tatarstan and other Muslim republics of Russia responded to the pain of Gaza and the Palestinians. Solidarity Foundation organized collection of donations for medical supplies for hospitals of the besieged Gaza Strip. All sorts of people – businessmen, students, employees, Muslims and non-Muslims donated more than 170 thousand dollars.

“The most active were people in Moscow, Dagestan and Tatarstan. Congregations of mosques in Kazan and Makhachkala, Moscow residents donated for Palestinians who have been suffering an acute shortage of medicines.

“The suffering of the Palestinian people are a challenge for Muslims around the world, they are a test of our compassion, our brotherhood and humanity.

“It is true, the border is closed, Gaza is under blockade. But charity has no borders,” the press statement concluded.

Source & More at Palestinian Information Center

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