PCHR: Israeli Blockade Limits Gazan Fishing Potential by 85%

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PNN – Palestine News Network 29.10.11 – 00:54

PNN -The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) released a report on Friday saying Israel forbids Gazan fishermen from accessing more than 85% of their potential catch, a result of the Israeli blockade that limits fishing boats to an area of only three nautical miles. 


An Israeli gunboat sprays a Gazan fishing boat with water (David Schermerhorn).
The report comes one day after Israeli airstrikes destroyed a shipping container in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, which Israeli military sources said contained weapons. PCHR claims the container was used to store fishing equipment belonging to 56-year-old Mahmoud Abu Shamaleh. The airstrike took place shortly after the Israeli navy opened fire on a fishing boat, forced 21-year-old Ahmed Taneera and 42-year-old Musa Abu Jayyab to swim toward an Israeli gunboat, and arrested them. The fishing boat was confiscated.

In 2011, PCHR said it has documented 67 attacks against fishermen, injuring eight and arresting 18. Fourteen boats were confiscated and 40 fired upon.
“PCHR calls upon the international community to immediately put an end to these violations and exert pressure on Israel to stop the policy of fighting civilians, including fishermen, and their livelihood,” the report stated.

The area allowed to Gazan fishermen was 20 nautical miles from shore until 2008, a year after Israel imposed its blockade of the coastal territory, when it was limited to six miles. It was halved to three miles in 2009.

Source & More at the PNN – Palestine News Network

In the map below you can see that since the Gaza-Jericho Agreement (May 1994) and the Bertini Agreement of Aug 2002, now over 9 years ago, Israel unilateral changed international laws about Maritime Law and limits for people and fishermen from Gaza to access their fishinggrounds.

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