Israeli Airstrikes Kill Five at Islamic Jihad Compound in Rafah, Brigades Promise Retaliation

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PNN – Palestine News Network – 30.10.11 – 00:39

PNN -In an airborne attack on the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, Israeli warplanes destroyed a military camp belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement and killed at least five people. Two of the dead are thought to be commanders in the movement.


(PNN Archive)
Palestinian network al-Wattan TV reported at first that nine Palestinians were killed in the airstrike before revising its count. The Gaza Health Ministry confirmed that five people were dead but warned the number may rise.
Al-Wattan reported that one of those killed was Ahmed Sheikh Khalil, the leader of the al-Quds Rocket Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad.
“There is no comment at this time about what the response will be to the magnitude of this crime,” said “Abu Ahmed,” the spokesman for the Brigades in an interview with al-Wattan. “The Israeli occupation has committed a terrible massacre against the Brigades’ leadership.”
“Abu Ahmed” confirmed that two missiles were fired in the airstrike at a group of militants. He said the Brigades would respond to violence “in kind” with an attack “deep inside Israel,” but would not elaborate.
Israeli news source YNet reported that six Palestinians were killed in the attack and said all were from the group responsible for the Grad rockets fired into southern Israel yesterday.
An army press statement read, “The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm the State of Israel’s citizens and will operate against any element that uses terror against Israel.”

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