Environment official: 95 percent of the aquifer unfit for human use

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[ 31/10/2011 – 04:50 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Head of the environment authority Yousuf Ibrahim warned that about 95 percent of the water aquifer in the Gaza Strip unsuitable for human consumption due to high levels of salinity.

Ibrahim made his remarks during the TV show “meeting with an official” which is organized by the government’s information office in Gaza.

The environment official suggested that the use of rainwater can provide some kind of solution to this problem if the ministry of local government demanded every home and institution to necessarily establish a big tank underground to store rainwater and then pump it directly to the aquifer.

He also pointed out that another solution is to reutilize the ablution water used by worshipers in mosques for irrigation purposes in order to save the aquifer from depletion.

“We need 20 years of no use from the aquifer in order to rehabilitate it once again,” the official emphasized.

He noted that the environment authority’s mission is to protect and preserve such resources and stop any behavior leading to their depletion and damage through guidance and awareness means.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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