Israeli Army Raids 16 Municipalities, Arrests Nine Palestinians incl. a few children

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31.10.11 – 21:09 Palestine News Network

PNN -Israeli troops raided 16 cities and villages in the West Bank on early Monday morning, arresting nine citizens from Jerusalem, Qalqiliya, Nablus and Bethlehem.

Israeli soldiers raid Qalandia refugee camp (Brendan Work, PNN).
A police report said the Israeli troops raided two houses in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan and arrested Abulkarim al-Shaikhoukhi, 14, and Mohammed al-Qaq, 20.
In two villages near Qalqiliya, al-Funduq and Heija, Israeli troops arrested Ahmed Shaker Odeh and his son Ayman as well as Taleb Hussein Mousalaha.
At the Container checkpoint between Ramallah and Bethlehem, Israeli troops arrested Bilal Abdulkarim from Jenin and Ibrahim Abduljalil al-Rajoub from Ramallah.
An unnamed 15-year-old was arrested as Israeli troops searched vehicles between Asira Shamaliya and Beit Amren north of Nablus.
In the village of al-Shawawreh near Bethlehem, Israeli forces raided the home of Raja Mohammed Salem and arrested his son Anas, 20.
In total, the Israeli army raided the following 16 municipalities: Dora al Qora’, Silwad, al-Jalzon camp, Safa, Tulkarm, Tulkarm camp, and al-Jalma, near Jenin. Many Palestinians were summoned to meetings with the Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

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