Report: Palestinian restaurant set alight in Jaffa

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Maan News Agency | Oct 31, 2011

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — A Palestinian restaurant in Jaffa was set on fire in a suspected “price tag” attack, Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Monday.

A local official said that the terms “price tag” and “Kahane was right” were written on the walls. Jaffa residents reported the incident on Monday morning.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident, which occurred on Yefet street at the Abu el-Abed restaurant, Haaretz reported.

Hardline Jewish settlers have adopted what they call a “price tag” policy under which they attack Palestinians and their property in response to Israeli government measures against settlements.

Slogans often cite Rabbi Meir Kahane, an extremist leader who advocated transfer of Palestinians from Israel.

There have been a string of recent attacks within Israel, although most violence takes place in the occupied West Bank.

A mosque in the village of Tuba Zangaria in northern Israel was set on fire in early October causing heavy damage to the carpets and walls.

On the outside of the mosque were scrawled the words “price tag” and “revenge” in Hebrew, Israeli police said.

Also in October, vandals defaced graves in two Palestinian cemeteries in Jaffa. The Islamic cemetery al-Kazakhana and nearby Christian Orthodox cemetery in the town were broken into at night, locals told reporters.

“Death to Arabs” and other racist slogans were daubed on graves, they said, and gravestones were smashed.

Around twenty percent, or 1.3 million people, of Israel’s population are of Palestinian origin.

They are largely the descendants of Palestinians that managed to remain during the 1948 war, when an estimated 700,000 were expelled from or fled their homes during fighting that would see the establishment of the state of Israel.

Rights groups say that Israelis of Palestinian origin face discrimination in employment, education and public funding within Israel.


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