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Palestine at UNESCO!

Yesterday, October 31, 2011 Palestine was granted membership of UNESCO. Watch all about this in the factsheet & video about PA’s bid at UNESCO.

As United States of America threatened before, it immediately cut off UNESCO from it’s 60 Million dollar donation it pledged.

Let’s do some Math!

US aid (or better said US tax payer’s money) going to Israel for weaponry and sustaining genocide and war on Palestine from 2009-2018:


This means 3 Billion $ a year, so the math: Every day, US is funding Israel’s genocidal Apartheid system with:

$ 8.219.178 / a day

Because the “aid” is not enough, AIPAC even called on people to sponsor a block a previous bid at UN to donate some more money to prevent Human Rights in Palestine. This while US taxpayers pay the salary of their congressmen, of which 20% (names were kept a big secret) we’re going on a vacation to learn how to represent ISRAEL in stead of the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. And it’s not over it’s doing it again

But reality is. US put itself to shame by publicly posing intentions, to prefer fund the aid to apartheid Isarel, to continue murder, ethnic cleansing of Palestine in stead state Israel in stead of  enabling the works of UNESCO which would only cost:

7.3 Days for No Genocide/Apartheid

The following number I can not implement here It is too large, not to comprehend in a blogpost. So please be my guest to click the link and count live! 

The cost of war to US taxpayers:

Cost of War

So if you prefer to sponsor 63 year long genocideapartheid, ethnic cleansing, lawlessness and much more, above anything else, and prefer to stay ignorant (which you also fund by the way with the same tax) please do nothing at all. Just work your ass off and pay that tax!

But remember as well, UNESCO also figths for the Remembrance of the victims of Holocaust while denial of funding will only enable the same (in pictures) or even worse horrendous genocide ( also in pictures) on Palestine. This is quite a paradox. Can you live with these kind of human rights?

If you believe in preservation of heritage, the right to education, the right to information and communication, the right on knowledge, monitoring, environmental montoring, sanctioning and preservation of this worlds treasures, for the humans, the Christian, Muslim and Jewish righteuous ones in Palestine from all colors/religions/origins who all suffer from zionist occupation in stead of enabling Israel to continue the damaging effects and destruction also of Jewish/Christian as well as Muslims homes, holy sites and more than….

Donate to UNESCO

You can read more about the mission statement of UNESCO at their website

Israel is not looking for Peace

History of Israeli Genocide

Essential Read: The Promised Land ~ by Jad KhairAllah

About Hasbara

Forget all details! It’s just about this!

Supported by… AIPAC

Funded by….

And all those supporting it paying for this…

Last but not least….

Or listen to Jewish mankind with a real conscience

Don’t think it’s about “Arabs” or “Islam”… we are all Goyim!

Something to ponder about…
For who not sees or who’s eyes are still closes. IOA has become exactly and even worse than those, they feared and hated once themselves. Using the same atrocities, policies to oppress, ethnically cleanse and eradicate human beings. Creating a new Shoah (Holocaust) for the Palestinians in 1948 with Al Nakba, and sustaining it by hasbara and the world’s ignorance or at least those not using their own mind to reconsider the realistic facts. So Hasbara in 16 words explained:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it…”
~ Joseph Goebbels

…will be updated of course with related news or relevant counter “cyber truth ammo”. Stay Human, stay safe and Free Palestine!

Activists Resources | Knowledge is Power!

Get Real (Hasbara Free) News from Palestine

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* The list of shuhada does not display, the numerous victims of the zionist occupation which are undocumented by media. Nor it displays the victims of the “silent onslaught” due to restrictions of movement, ability to go to hospitals for treatment or life saving surgery, due to lack of medication because of the blockades and so on. For example: The Slow Motion Genocide by the Siege on Gaza only, killed 600 patients since Gaza got under Israeli Siege.

For an overview of All Israeli Massacres Palestinians go here

Neither does this list, display the avoidable mortality. A clear and statistical factual evidence, about the number of deaths due to indecent ruling by occupation forces. For even an occupier has obligations under International Laws, Geneva Convention and the Hague regulations, which it is neglecting. These circumstances, together with deliberate policies of the occupier to neglect and even deny every basic human right, severes avoidable mortality which is totally silenced by media or reporting organisations. While in the Holocaust, 1 on 6 Jewish people directly died of deliberate neglect, so if we believe the facts over 1 million due to avoidable mortality, neither should these same circumstances be ignores which are ongoing in Palestine. For this report displays a avoidable morality of at least 0,5 million Palestinians.

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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