Jerusalem Demolitions Leave 71 People incl 35 Children Homeless

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02.11.11 – 19:41 | Palestine News Network

PNN – Seventy-one people, including 35 children, have been left homeless after the Israeli administration demolished five homes in the Khan al-Amar area north east of East Jerusalem on Monday. Fifteen army jeeps and one bulldozer arrived in Khan al-Amar early in the morning to demolish the homes, and had completed their task within a couple of hours.

The Bedouin camps of Khan al-Amar stand in the foreground against the illegal Ma’ale Adumim settlement, the largest in area in the West Bank (Rebekah Christiansen, PNN).
The residents of the Khan al-Amar area are Bedouin of the al-Jahalin tribe that fled from the Negev across the armistice line following violent harassment from Israeli defence forces in 1951. Following 1967, the al-Jahalin were confined to an area east of Jerusalem that has progressively been taken over for the expansion of the Ma’ale Adumim settlement.
The demolitions are part of a broader plan by the Israeli authorities to displace the Bedouin communities living in Area C, allowing for further expansion of Ma’ale Adumim and other nearby settlements. The Israeli authorities have informed the al-Jahalin that they must leave the area, and it is expected that large-scale evictions and demolitions will commence in January 2012.
Once enacted, the Israeli ‘E1 plan’ will allow for the expansion of Ma’ale Adumim to connect with East Jerusalem, further isolating the city from the remainder of the West Bank.

Source and more at the PNN – Palestine News Network

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