A human rights organisation: sick captives live in harsh conditions

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[ 03/11/2011 – 09:53 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian centre for the defence of captives said that the occupation authorities and the prison administration are fully responsible for the lives of 25 captives in the Ramalah prison hospital.

Researcher at the centre Reyad al-Ashqar said, in a statement on Thursday, that the occupation closed down the old ward which had 8 rooms and moved the captives to a smaller ward with 4 rooms only and includes no dining room, which means patients have to have their meals in their rooms.

He added that the new ward lacks facilities which will make the lives of captives more difficult and even endanger their lives.

He pointed out that the sick captives went on hunger strike on Wednesday for one day to protest the move to the new ward. The prison administration isolated two of the captives as a punishment for complaining about being moved.

He also said that there 25 captives being held at the Ramala prison hospital, all of them are seriously ill; suffering from illnesses such as cancer, renal failure, paralysis and other serious illnesses. He said that the captives suffer from medical neglect which reflects the extent of disregard on the part of the prison administration for the lives of those captives.

Ashqar held the occupation authorities responsible for the lives of those captives as a result of being moved to the new ward and called on local and Arab media to take more interest in the issues of the captives who are still suffering in occupation jaills.

The centre called on all Palestinian people and institutes to campaign in support of captives who are being subjected to a vindictive campaign by the occupation, especially after the success of the exchange deal in which captives serving long terms were released.

Source and more at the Palestinian Information Center

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