Did Israel just apply the Hannibal Protocol?

Gaza Under Attack – in pictures | Attacks on Gaza Timeline

November 3, 2011

Contradicting reporting -and in it’s ongoing attempt to create a media blackout – not clear weather deadly casualties also fell on Israeli side, after Israel attacked 2 civilians in Gaza, farmers. The names of the shuhada are Mohammed Abu Halimah and Nasr Alian. At the same time the tweet above was send, describing attack of resistance while surrounding Israeli troops So is Israel implementing the Hannibal Protocol?  Time will tell!

Israel has no plans for peace, it never had. Below this article some links of mostly Israeli media, showing it never had no intentions likewise.

To ensure, it neither becomes involved in any negotiation, it even lowers itself to get the Hannibal Protocol of out the closet. To promote it’s own people to canon-meat only… to prevent any negotiations or talks possible at all.

How many more proof do you need to understand Israel is NOT looking for peace?

More about the Hannibal Policy:

Jonathan Cook: ‘Hannibal’ policy – Israel’s plan to kill its own soldiers

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