Report From Gaza-Bound Flotilla Attempting to Break Israeli Blockade – video

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Democracy Now!, Nov 4, 2011

A Canadian boat and Irish boat quietly left a Turkish port Wednesday, bound for Gaza. Democracy Now! first broke the news on our live broadcast yesterday. This flotilla, named Freedom Waves to Gaza, marks the latest attempt by international activists to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. The ships are hoping to reach Gaza by Friday, but Israel has threatened to stop the ships.

“I anticipate that the Israeli army, the navy, is probably considering boarding us, at some point, on our way to Gaza and the siege,” said passenger Kit Kittredge of the group, Code Pink. “I am not feeling fearful. I am feeling actually pretty peaceful. And that’s what we are: We are a peaceful boat and a peaceful flotilla going to end the siege.” Democracy Now! correspondent Jihan Hafiz filed this video report from the Tahrir boat from international waters and interviewed live on the program by the telephone from the ship in international waters.

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