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For Immediate Release | November 4, 2011

Organizers demand confirmation of safety of Freedom Waves to Gaza delegates

Canadian Boat to Gaza organizers are demanding the Canadian federal elected officials press for confirmation that all delegates, media and crew aboard the Tahrir and Saoirse are safe and well.

“We don’t currently know whether everyone is unharmed and accounted for,” says Wendy Goldsmith, organizer with the Canadian Boat to Gaza. “We’re very concerned for their safety. An official video from the Israeli military shows them firing a water cannon at the Tahrir in rough seas, which is actually quite dangerous and reckless. That kind of aggression can knock people into the water and puts lives at risk.”

“Israel illegally captured the Freedom Waves boats Tahrir and Saoirse in international waters,” says Canadian Boat to Gaza organizer Dylan Penner, noting the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea sets territorial waters at a 12 nautical mile distance from the shore. “Even if one accepts Israel’s ridiculous claim that it has legitimate control of Gaza territory, the Freedom Waves boats had their communications jammed and presumably captured by the nearby Israel warships at approximately 50 nautical miles from Gaza.”

The UN Human Rights Council Inquiry Report of September 2010 concluded that the blockade is illegal and Israeli policies in Gaza are a form of collective punishment. There is no legal justification for stopping or in any way impeding the passage of the totally peaceful Freedom Waves boats from the international solidarity movement with Palestinian people.

This situation is developing. For updates, stay tuned to:

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For more information:

English inquiries: Dylan Penner, Canadian Boat to Gaza, 613-859-6996
French inquiries: Denis Kosseim, Canadian Boat to Gaza, 514-923-5594


Source and more at the website of the  Canadian Boat to Gaza.

Action 4 #Freedomwaves ALL NUMBERS, CALL & DEMAND SAFE PASSAGE 2 Gaza

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